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2 December, 2016

Check out the colour schemes at Aire West Perth

Among the many advantages that come with buying a brand-new apartment “off the plan” is the ability to choose your own colour scheme.

Finbar’s design team has crafted three stunning colour schemes for Aire West Perth. Each creates a different style and aesthetic designed to help make your new apartment truly feel like “home”.

Scheme A

The first of these colour schemes is light and bright.

Scheme A has white kitchen cabinets, creating visual serenity and a seamless look. The white bench top and beige flooring help create an overall “lightness” to the scheme.

That “lightness” opens a fantastic opportunity for residents to add other elements, such as a splash of bright colour or stainless steel, to create the kind of atmosphere they desire.


Scheme B

The second colour scheme is contrasting and striking.

A natural wood tone is the most popular colour option for kitchen cabinetry. The “woody” appearance mixes with the dark accent tone of this scheme to create a truly striking look. While that contrast is strong, it’s easy to live with.

The simplicity of the white bench tops and wood tone still give this scheme a light feel. Residents could consider adding some glossy decorative elements to create maximum impact with this colour scheme.


Scheme C

The third colour scheme is rich and bold.

The dark wood tone and warm, dark flooring tie this colour scheme together. The neutral backsplash, light coloured walls and a highlight of light colouring in the cabinetry, make for a striking contrast combination.

Residents could add layers to this scheme with brass colours and satin decorative elements. Another option is using strongly coloured furniture to further refine this simple scheme with bold lines.



If you’d like to know more about the colour schemes and apartments at Finbar’s Aire West Perth, take a close look at our website.