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14 October, 2016

Sustainability measures at Aire

Everyone likes to do their bit to help the environment. From regular recycling to using public transport, West Australians are making decisions every day to help lower their impact on the environment.

It’s something we care about at Finbar, too, so we design our developments with sustainability in mind. It affects the look and feel of each project, the construction materials and methods we choose, and the finishes and appliances we include.

Our approach has been vindicated at Aire West Perth. Our apartments at Aire have achieved an energy efficiency rating of eight stars out of a possible 10 from the Federal Government’s Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS). That’s well above the mandated minimum of five stars.


How did we achieve an eight star energy efficiency rating?

We’ve carefully considered sustainability at every stage of the design process — meaning sustainability is literally built into the fabric of Aire West Perth. The apartments meet good environmental design principals, maximising cross ventilation and natural light opportunities wherever possible. We’ve also managed to limit the unwanted solar gains, unnecessarily heating the building, and capitalise on positive thermal massing solutions.

The steel-framed external walls are insulated to maximise energy efficiency and the windows have high-performance blue tinted double-glazing with low “e” coating, acting as a buffer between internal and external temperatures.

The multi-split reverse cycle air conditioning provided to each apartment is connected to common air conditioning condensers, which help achieve operating efficiencies for the complex.

In common areas, LED or energy efficient lighting has been chosen to keep energy consumption down. Similarly, motion sensor technology is used in the car park and corridors so lights are only left on when they’re required.

Sustainability measures directly benefit residents

There are obvious flow-on benefits to residents. These energy efficiency measures mean Aire residents will spend far less on cooling and heating bills than people who live in similar apartments designed to a less rigorous standard of energy efficiency.

If you’d like to lower your carbon footprint and enjoy lower energy bills, all while living in style close to the heart of the city in West Perth, take a close look at Aire West Perth.